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High Altitude Coffee Roasting Lab in Big Bear


Coffee Klatch


Join us through October for the series of High Altitude Coffee Roasting Labs!

The coffee lab will begin with a glimpse into the coffee farmer’s journey from crop to cup (i.e. the coffee tree, fruit, and the process) in a short film. Discussion about coffee grown at High Altitude will ensue. Then, a brief chat on coffee history and the legendary goat that discovered coffee in Ethiopia.

Next, we’ll roast some coffee together, discovering the importance and impact ‘roasting’ has on the quality of the coffee and what differentiates specialty coffee. Does roasting coffee at high altitude make a difference, you decide.

Afterwards, I will turn everyone into expert brewers by preparing coffee using three different methods of brewing utilizing different coffee tools (i.e. V60, Chemex, Aeropress, Syphon, etc).

We will then stir it up with a “cupping” session, which is a method of taste-assessing different coffees from different regions. This will be a blind coffee tasting that will be paired with bites/snacks that enhance the notes of the coffee.

Every guest will leave with a Catalina Island Roast Coffee mug and a sample of our coffee roasted at sea level.

You may purchase tickets here.

There are only 10 guests per lab, so book this new experience today!

We also book private party experiences for a group of 10. Please call to inquire.